Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eat Like The French to be Healthier

Did you know that in France, the incidence of obesity among adults is nearly one third that of the current U.S. percentages? Although there are some dietary differences, the diets of U.S. and French adults are more similar than you might expect. Some researchers believe the difference lies in two crucial areas – differences in the serving portions and the duration of meals in these two countries.

One study found that French servings were, on average, 25% smaller than North American portions. This finding was consistent in both restaurants and in cookbooks. And numerous recent studies have indicated – unsurprisingly – that when we’re served less food, we eat less.

Additionally, French adults eat at a more leisurely pace, taking almost twice the time to eat a meal compared to Americans. There is evidence to suggest that eating a meal over a longer period of time can lead to a sense of being full and satisfied with smaller portions.

So, use common sense when it comes to doling out your portions. And take your time while eating. These factors could make a big difference in your creating a healthier lifestyle. Take advantage of
Studies by Cornell University, Penn State University and the University of Pennsylvania