Friday, May 16, 2008

Whole Foods Provide Nutritional Balance

Every day thousands of individuals walk the vitamin aisles of health food stores baffled by the hundreds of choices of bottles of pills and tablets on the shelves. Then a more difficult challenge arises. Most hard and difficult-to-swallow pills are only absorbed between 10% and 20% because our stomach was not designed to digest rocks and indigestible binders. The remainder of the so called nutritional pills are filtered out of the body by the kidneys and the liver and they can be found in abundant supply in the nation's sewer plants.

Is it time you stop wasting your hard earned money on vitamin pills, mineral pills and capsules? Join the hundreds of thousands of other health like minded individuals that are becoming more determined to receive the health benefits of eating live whole foods that provide nutrition to the body in natures perfect balance the way it was intended.

If your lifestyle prevents you for eating whole food in adequate quantities, there are now real live whole foods on the market that are a convenient intelligent alternative. Find out more.