Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The V-Force

It's hard to argue with the health benefits of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of energy containing many essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to help protect you from disease. The most common reasons that people give for not eating more fruits and vegetables are; they live a busy life, having fruits and veggies around isn’t always convenient, and they have trouble consuming that amount of produce. If only getting the daily recommended values was easier…

It can be with our new superfood energy drink! V-Force is a delicious chocolate green drink designed for kids and the kid at heart. V-Force offers smooth, clean energy combined with whole body nutritional support. In just one serving, V-Force provides the antioxidant power of 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Its taste will bring back fond memories of drinking chocolate milk as a kid.

V-Force Highlights
Helps to eliminate harmful toxins – V-Force’s ingredients help support the body's natural detoxification process and fiber helps to eliminate the toxins.

Keeps your pH balanced - V-Force is a rich source of alkaline forming foods that help keep the body’s pH in check assuring essential vitamin and mineral uptake.

Promotes overall good health – Just one serving of V-Force per day can help your child's body absorb essential vitamins and minerals, maintain proper calcium levels in bone, supply antioxidants at a cellular level to help protect against disease, and assist the body’s immune system in the production of white blood cells

No artificial anything? – That’s right. V-Force is a 100% vegetarian and gluten free green drink that contains absolutely NO fillers, added sugar, yeast, corn, wheat, soy protein, dairy, egg, MSG, GMOs, preservatives, chemical sweeteners, or artificial ingredients.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

What to Know About Protein

Let us talk about protein and the importance of getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is an essential building block for your cells. Your body needs protein to rebuild itself and protein can actually boost your metabolism.

But what happens when you don’t get enough protein in your diet? Well, there are many factors to consider and quite a range of severities too.

For example; if we are referring to the protein intake a child needs, especially an infant, their little bodies require massive amounts of protein (compared to their body weight) because they are changing and growing so quickly.

The lack of enough protein in ones diet can even negatively affect your immune system.

Here are some other symptoms commonly associated with a lack of protein:
• Edema
• Weight loss
• Thinning or brittle hair, hair loss
• Ridges or deep lines in finger and toe nails
• Skin becomes very light, burns easily in the sun
• Reduced pigmentation in the hair on scalp and body
• Skin rashes, dryness, flakiness
• General weakness and lethargy
• Muscle soreness and weakness, cramps
• Slowness in healing wounds, cuts, scrapes, and bruises
• Bedsores and other skin ulcers
• Difficulty sleeping
• Headaches
• Nausea and stomach pain
• Fainting
• Crankiness, moodiness
• Severe depression
• Anxiety
• Lack of energy, no desire to do things

How do you find out if you are getting enough protein in your diet? It’s pretty simple. Go to your primary doctor and have them run a general blood test. Make sure you tell your doctor that you are looking to check your protein levels.

If you prefer getting protein from the vegetables instead of dairy products or meat, there is a new product called "Vtein" that you may want to check out. Vtein is a 100% vegetarian protein powered drink that comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors. more info

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Plant Fiber is Smart Fiber

You  are probably saying things like – who needs fiber, I’m as regular as clockwork!” But fiber does ALOT more than just keep us regular.

There actually two types of fiber: Soluble and Insoluble.

Insoluble fiber promotes the movement of materials through your digestive system. These are foods like whole wheat flour, wheat bran, and vegetables to name a few.

Soluble fiber is fiber that dissolves in water. You can get soluable fiber through eating oats, peas, citrus fruits, prunes, and carrots.

Fiber, while the human digestive track is designed not to digest fiber, plays a critical part in achieving optimal health. Here’s how:
•    Supports a healthy heart
•    Supports regular bowel movements – This may seem a bit gross but the reality of the situation is basic and states that the waste products our bodies produce need to be expelled. If it cannot get rid of its waste then the body begins to deteriorate.  People really don’t think too much about regularity but THEY SHOULD. This is a good indication of how everything is working and even give you signs that things may not be working right. 

Lesson to be learned here: 
•    Supports normal blood sugar levels
•    Supports slower digestion thus supporting proper digestive hormone balance
•    Supports normal blood pressure
•    Supports weight loss

There are so many things that fiber directly contributes to that it is quite mind boggling. Yet, people do not eat enough fiber, of either variety! Why? Well, we have to look at the ease of getting quick, fast foods. You think a cheeseburger and fries has a lot of beneficial fiber in it?

Let us answer that for you, NO.

We also have to look at processed foods. You know, the foods that are primarily in the center of the grocery store, not the outside perimeter. These foods are full of salts not fiber.

QUICK TIP: Eat about 5-6 dried prunes each night before you go to bed. They will satisfy your sweet tooth craving and give you a whopping fiber dose.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cellulose: Down with OPP

You may be wondering what we mean by "down with OPP". Well, we can say it’s not the Naughty By Nature lyrics you may be thinking of from the 90s. What we mean by (OPP) is "Opportunistic Plant Parts" which is what cellulose is!

Here is a quick science lesson: Cellulose is what makes up the walls of a plant cell. Humans cannot digest cellulose thus we consider it "dietary fiber".

The human benefits of cellulose:

•    Supports regularity
•    No caloric value
•    Promotes feelings of satiety
•    Supports a healthy colon

Hopefully our creativity with classifying cellulose as “opportunistic plant parts” isn’t too far of a stretch of the imagination for you. From the above potential benefits, they most certainly can provide a healthy opportunity to better your health regiment.

By the way, MannaLife International adds cellulose to their 100% vegetarian protein meal replacement drink, Vtein. Read more

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portion Control – Dirty words or worth the effort?

What many people don’t realize it that portion control can make a HUGE difference in weight management just like caloric restriction (staying under a certain amount of calories a day). What most people also don’t realize is that they are probably eating 2-3 portions per meal and it’s even worse when you go out to eat.
You would think that treating yourself and your family to an evening out – not having to worry about what to cook for dinner – would be carefree. Think again. Most restaurant servings are similar to those you automatically eat at home – 2-3 serving sizes.


We know you’ve had this happen to you before. You order and when they bring out your plate – your eyes get big and you say, ‘Wow, that’s a big meal, I wasn’t expecting that from the picture.” BUT…you end up eating the entire meal.
Here’s what to do: Split and entrĂ©e with a friend or family member.
This will reduce the amount you can eat and get you closer to having one serving.


We know you’ve seen those snack bags at your local grocery store. Those are the best invention for someone who wants to watch their portions. They generally hold about one serving of any food. Keep in mind you don’t want to fill the baggie to the brim!

Take the time after you do your weekly grocery shopping and put all your snack foods into individual serving sizes. It’s time consuming – we know – but well worth it.  Pre-portion benefits;

• Helps you only eat one serving
• Helps you pack lunches quicker for school (think about it they are already in baggies! It’s grab and go time!)
• Gives you more time to stay away from the kitchen (when you’re in the kitchen you want to eat!)
• Helps you become more aware of true serving sizes
• Saves you money! (You’re food supply will actually start to last longer.)

I think you will find that forming good foundational nutritional habits will only support you on your journey to living a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

MannaFeast whole food nutritional supplements

Friday, May 18, 2012

Boost Your Metabolism Before Eating

If you decide you will enjoy a tasty but maybe not a good nutritious meal, here are a few ways how:

•  Do at least a 40 minute workout at 80% of your maximum heart rate (MMR) capacity.
Here’s how to figure that out. Calculate your MMR first by subtracting your age from 220. So 220 – (Your Age) = Your Maximum Heart Rate. Then take 80% of that number. Example: A 34 year olds maximum heart rate is 186. 80% of 186 = 148.

•  Kettlebell Swings for 20 minutes. Yes only 20 minutes. Kettlebells target almost all of your major muscles groups at once when done correctly. Do as many as you can, stop and rest for 30 seconds to catch your breath, then repeat. Do this for maximum of 20 minutes.

•  Go lift some weights at the gym for 30 minutes BEFORE you do your cardio. You’ll gain more strength and burn more fat  – a double bonus feature!

•  Eat a protein packed breakfast and/or lunch. The protein actually helps you burn more fat. Great time to try vegetarian protein powder – Vtein™. Easy, quick, and 20 grams of easily digestible, lean protein per serving. more info

There is one more thing you can do. There is a product we have to mention called Vlocity™ that is thermogenic. It is designed to help your body boost its metabolic rate, naturally. Take 2-3 capsules right when you wake up and take 2-3 capsules right before you start eating your food feast. The body will love a little extra help from time to time. This will also provide an energy boost in the process. read more

Monday, May 14, 2012

No mess. No stress. Just MannaFresh™

The MannaFresh Drying Process concentrates live whole foods and fresh raw juices into nutrient dense, unpasteurized, great tasting, juice powders for the ultimate in all natural and convenient nutrition. All of this is completed amazingly within 30 seconds! During this process, the product temperature averages 65°F and never exceeds lO5°F, which is considered an extraordinary achievement in the drying industry. All of this is accomplished within hours of a ripe produce harvest! The short period of time between harvest and the locking of the natural life force of our whole foods into a powder form is one of the critical reasons why our MannaLife products are the most nutritionally dense in the industry today!

What are MannaFresh™ Foods? MannaLife International has coined the phrase MannaFresh™ to accompany all of its whole food nutritional supplements. MannaLife International offers three distinct whole food concentrate supplements that are literally for everyday use in everyday life.

MannaLife International’s MannaFresh™ Foods include:

MannaFeast™ Complete Food Supplement – the most nutrient rich supplement available today. Over 170 whole food ingredients including organic greens, a full array of organic fruits, wild-harvested antioxidant powerhouses like Acai and Mangosteen, plus 22 different probiotics and more. It costs less than $1.70 per day

Vtein™ Protein Powder – and all natural, vegetarian protein powder made of hemp, pea, and brown rice.

Vlocity™ & Vlocity 3X™  – natural energy, natural thermogenic, PLUS the Vlocity 3X™ delivers up to a whopping 9 hour energy boost at less than 30% of the cost of potentially hazardous energy drinks.

MannaLife International guarantees that its MannaFresh™ products are the freshest available (often times even fresher than what you find in the grocery isle). How is that possible? We take the majority of our ingredients directly from the farm to the production facility within hours of harvesting. This ensures that the nutrient density of each ingredients is at its highest and protects those valuable bio-elements that our body’s need to function optimally.

MannaFresh Juice Powder concentrates provide the most bio-available, easily digested, nutrient dense product on the market. These wholesome ingredients are then blended, packaged and labeled at our own facilities and shipped directly to you! MannaLife International’s MannaFresh™ foods are dedicated to delivering easy, convenient ways for you and your family to eat proper, whole food nutrition. More Information

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Almonds & Vitamin E

Almonds are a wonderful Whole Food and science has discovered the benefits of eating them in their whole form. Research reveals that the flavonoids in almond skin works synergistically the vitamin E found in almonds. This synergistic combination creates more than 200% the antioxidant power of the almonds and almond skins when separated. "We have identified a unique combination of flavonoids in almonds," said Jeffrey Blumberg, Ph.D., senior scientist and director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at Tufts University. "Further blood tests demonstrated that eating almonds with their skins significantly increases both flavonoids and vitamin E in the body. This could have significant health implications, especially as people age."
Blumberg's team tested the effects of almond skin's flavonoids alone and then in combination with the vitamin E found in almonds. The tests were done on blood samples containing LDL cholesterol. While almond skin flavonoids alone enhanced LDL's resistance to oxidation by 18%, when the almond’s vitamin E was added, LDL's resistance to oxidation was extended by 52.5%!
"The synergy between the flavonoids and vitamin E in almonds demonstrates how the nutrients in whole foods such as almonds can impact health," says Dr. Blumberg.