Monday, May 21, 2012

Cellulose: Down with OPP

You may be wondering what we mean by "down with OPP". Well, we can say it’s not the Naughty By Nature lyrics you may be thinking of from the 90s. What we mean by (OPP) is "Opportunistic Plant Parts" which is what cellulose is!

Here is a quick science lesson: Cellulose is what makes up the walls of a plant cell. Humans cannot digest cellulose thus we consider it "dietary fiber".

The human benefits of cellulose:

•    Supports regularity
•    No caloric value
•    Promotes feelings of satiety
•    Supports a healthy colon

Hopefully our creativity with classifying cellulose as “opportunistic plant parts” isn’t too far of a stretch of the imagination for you. From the above potential benefits, they most certainly can provide a healthy opportunity to better your health regiment.

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