Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gas Prices Can Affect Your Health!

Are you feeling the pinch with food prices rising due to the increased cost of fuel? Many people are opting for lower-priced processed food products, replacing meat with more carbohydrate-based meals and waiting for specials before buying. More and more unhealthy processed foods are being purchased and consumed. What affect does this have on your body?

Be careful because over time, the experts warn, proper nutrition is crucial to long term health. This could lead to a higher incidence of obesity-related diseases such as diabetes already being reported.

With food prices going up between 10 and 20 per cent, consumers are finding it more difficult to buy nutritious organic live whole foods. This causes the consumers to control their spending habits that can result in purchasing less nutritious food. As a result, shoppers, particularly those with lower incomes, are choosing less expensive food items that lack adequate nutrition that they would normally get from whole foods and whole food supplements.

I choose to eat whole foods containing the proper nutrition to stay healthy and cut expenses in other areas. Your body is not like a car. You cannot buy a new one, so keep what you have healthy for life. Fuel your body with the proper nutrition all of the time because your health is priceless.

The Best Way to get Vitamins and Minerals is with the feast