Saturday, October 13, 2007

Distrubing Whole Food Marketing Trends

There are some rather disturbing marketing trends going on right now that are geared towards women and children. Television and print advertisements show smiling, athletic women racing from one place to the next while nibbling on a "just for women" candy bar that has been "fortified with a bunch of synthetic vitamins and minerals as well as a whole host of other artificial additives and preservatives.

Children have 'fortified' juices, cereals, cereal bars, and even fluoridated 'nursery water'!

What these ad campaigns don't show is no matter how fancy these products are dressed up and displayed, they are still dead, processed foods that may contain harmful ingredients like hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and neurotoxins.

For some time now there has been creative marketing going on in the field of health and nutrition. Part of it is due to the type of research being done, and the way the research is interpreted to serve the corporations sponsoring it. Specific nutrients that are shown to be beneficial in clinical studies are isolated, often in synthetic form, and heralded as the new weapon against cancer, heart disease, old age, etc.

There is something to be said for using plants and foods in their whole forms. It's very hard to improve on a diet of whole foods and herbs. Well-nourished bodies and minds enjoy balanced hormones and hearty immune systems. Eat your required amounts of fruits and vegetables everyday. If you are not able to because of your active lifestyle consider getting live whole food nutrition from real organic
whole food supplements.