Saturday, May 19, 2012

Portion Control – Dirty words or worth the effort?

What many people don’t realize it that portion control can make a HUGE difference in weight management just like caloric restriction (staying under a certain amount of calories a day). What most people also don’t realize is that they are probably eating 2-3 portions per meal and it’s even worse when you go out to eat.
You would think that treating yourself and your family to an evening out – not having to worry about what to cook for dinner – would be carefree. Think again. Most restaurant servings are similar to those you automatically eat at home – 2-3 serving sizes.


We know you’ve had this happen to you before. You order and when they bring out your plate – your eyes get big and you say, ‘Wow, that’s a big meal, I wasn’t expecting that from the picture.” BUT…you end up eating the entire meal.
Here’s what to do: Split and entrée with a friend or family member.
This will reduce the amount you can eat and get you closer to having one serving.


We know you’ve seen those snack bags at your local grocery store. Those are the best invention for someone who wants to watch their portions. They generally hold about one serving of any food. Keep in mind you don’t want to fill the baggie to the brim!

Take the time after you do your weekly grocery shopping and put all your snack foods into individual serving sizes. It’s time consuming – we know – but well worth it.  Pre-portion benefits;

• Helps you only eat one serving
• Helps you pack lunches quicker for school (think about it they are already in baggies! It’s grab and go time!)
• Gives you more time to stay away from the kitchen (when you’re in the kitchen you want to eat!)
• Helps you become more aware of true serving sizes
• Saves you money! (You’re food supply will actually start to last longer.)

I think you will find that forming good foundational nutritional habits will only support you on your journey to living a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life.

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